Fooot Path in Nanporo Town 2 !

by Kazu

This is the canal where rubber-boat cruising was arranged before the foot path events started. When the number of the participants to the town tour overflow the capacity of the boats, some participants suggested they walk along the canal enjoying the scenery that can not be seen from the canal.
This was the start of the foot path events in Nanporo Town.

After the NPO arranged walk-around-tour some times, a certain participant pointed out "This is the foot path popular in the United Kingdom."
   Actually, tthe foot path event on October 21(Sun.) was well organized with some surprising gift and lecture given by the farmers who strugglin with organic farming.
Foot path signs of this kind were set up by the members of the NPO for the individual private tourists visiting this town.

Transformer substation was built along this river before but only the water gate exists now.

To be surprised, a restaurant with typical Okinawan name  "Haebaru" which means "southern wind plain" on the first floor of "Yu-Yu kan" in Riverside park of Nanporo. 

Lunch : 11:00-14:30 (Course: 1,500 yen-)
Dinner: 17:00-20:00(Reservation is required.)
Closed on Wednesday, from middle of December through the end of March.

The owner chef Mr.Tatsuya Sato was born in Sapporo City and lived in Nanporo City until he graduated the high school. He moved to Germany after his graduation from high school and was trained for three and half years. Coming back from Germany, he was hired by nationall-famous chef Mr.Mikuni and worked in Restaurant MIKUNI Sapporo for years.

During his mandate in Okinawa after Sapporo City, he met his wife Ruriko and got married with her in Ebetsu City adjacent to Sapporo City. Saving enough money, they opened this restaurant with her in Riverside park of nanporo. The restaurant is the namesake of the city in Okinawa and the wind blowing on the grassland in Nanporo Town.

The riverside park has enough space to play baseball and succer.
This statue called "Statue of eternity". Of course, the curve on the stone plate shows the river.

to be continued.

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