Luce Solare in Yubari City!

by Kazu

        Seeking for one coin lunch and beautiful autumnal foliage, my wife and I visited Yubari City again. This building is not the church in Yubari City but is connected to the railway station of Yubari.

        We had a buffet-style lunch that was so high in carbo-hydrate for 500 Japanese yen before but no buffet on that day.

       Somebody may remember that I introduced this restaurant "Luce Solare" on this blog site before but the restaurant is putting stress on its egg noodle with curry soup these days.

 The soup curry ramen (curry-taste egg noodle soup) was also provided in Sapporo Autumnal Festa with curry soba(buckwheat noodle soup) at Odori Park of Sapporo City but it was the first time for us to try the noodle soup.
 This restaurant is not Italian but it has very nice oven made of stones and bricks to bake delicious crispy pizza. It was not working on the day because none had ordered crispy pizza when we entered the restaurant.

Old photos and toys are exhibited in the restaurant that reminds us of the days when this area had been in full flourish with the coalmine industry.


 Chicken rice omelette has come first!
It is 700 Japanese yen.
 It was flavoured strongly as the coalmine workers in this area preferred such taste and  sweets after tough work in the gallery under the ground.
This is the egg-noodle with soup curry topped with boiled egg, grilled chicken, onion, aubergine, pumpkin and chile for 700 Japanese yen.
 The taste is like that of Sri Lanka, to be precise.
 Autumn is a very dangerous season to get extra pounds, isn't it?
 Autumnal foliage Bazaar will be held at the south end of Yubari City, Takinoue Park this weekend. 

Many people have left this city after the municipality had gone bankrupt. The city had flourished with coalmine industry before and a plenty of grants from central government to maintain and revitalize the industries after the coalmines closed.
What can we do for the people living in the city?

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