Yellow handkerchiefs of happiness in Yubari City !

by Kazu

Have you ever heard of the movie film "Yellow handkerchiefs of happiness" 幸せの黄色いハンカチ before?
It is very famous movie film featured by Charismatic Japanese actor Mr. Ken Takakura.
It is the story of a man who got out of the jail. He sent the letter from the jail to his wife. "If you allow and accept me after I get out of the jail, please put a yellow handkerchief on the roof of the entrance or somewhere so that the handkerchief can be recognized from the outside.
This is the place of the last scene of the movie film. The protagonist is the coalmine worker. At the night when he was informed by his wife that she miscarried their baby in her womb, he was so discouraged and walked on the street in Yubari City. A group of drunken guys passing by him but his shoulder struck the shoulder of one guy. The guy hit and kick the protagonist until he fell down. The protagonist was overcome by the grief brought by the loss of his kid and his anger was headed to the drunken guy. Just a few blows of the protagonist laid the guy down on the ground and  the guy was gone. It was an accidental homicide.      
The protagonist was imprisoned for years. He was eager to go back to his home and his wife. But his wife might be out of patience with his fault. So he wrote the letter to his wife.

When he came to the place where he could see his home, so many yellow handkerchiefs were tied with the rope in front of his house and he met his wife weeping and held her tightly.
The story is very simple but most of our nation love the movie.
Even now, the house is preserved by the municipality of Yubari and many tourists visit this area.
I am wondering if my wife would allow and accept me

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