Longing for spring !

by Kazu

Coming back from Iwamizawa City to Sapporo City, I jogged around Hokkaido University. The passers by on the premises are so different from those of 25 years ago. So many international students were passing by on the main street. I hope they can get sweet and good memories in Sapporo City as I enjoyed life in the university.
After I invited my friend from Nigeria to Hokkaido, many international students from Africa seemed to have increased so much.
My friend Kunmi from Lagos State addressed to establish the relationship between Africa and Hokkaido University and the special training course arranged by JICA in cooperation with Embassy of Japan in Nigeria.  

I am not sure how the trainees and international students from Africa feel about the cold winter in Hokkaido but I hope they are not shivering in the room. Skiing, ice skating, ice fishing, snow rafting, horse riding, dog sledge can be enjoyed even in winter. Needless to say, in spring, summer and autumn, if the international students are doing cocooning , I will be driven up the wall;)
I wish I could help the international students and the trainees of JICA enjoy their stay in Hokkaido to the maximum.
It snowed last night and will have snowfall of   20 cm today. But we are steadily approaching the spring of 2013. As the Japanese saying, San kan, shi on, which expressing the process from winter to spring, three cold days and four warm days, the coldness of this winter seems to have peaked.
I do not use my stove in Iwamizawa City any more.
This kind of sticky snow covering the branches of trees are the sign of getting warm.
I am selecting the photo for the quiz of the month for February. I have not had enough time to take photos for this blog these days and I will have to visit Thailand this month. So Gen in Kamikawa Sub-prefectural office of Hokkaido Government will post the photos of his area during my visit to Thailand.  Before my departure, I will post the quiz of the month.
Besides, I am contemplating what should be the present to the winner of the quiz for February. I fretted about the arrival of the present to the winner in this month. If anybody has a comment in this regard, please post it on this blog or email me.
 And if anybody visiting to this site in Thailand could contact me during my stay in Bangkok or Phuket, I would appreciate it so much !
I will check my email once a day.
I hope no business contacts will swamp on the beach of Phuket.
Have a nice weekend!  

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