Ice Fishing in Horokanai Town !

 by Gen, kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

Please come back, Kazu !
I am running out of the photos and articles to post on this blog site.

Binge drinking on the ice seems to be allowed in Russia but as in Japan, so called "zero tolerance" is implemented for driving a car, very few anglers sipping alcohol on the ice.

Kids are crazy for fishing Japanese smelt Wakasagi on the ice of Lake Shumarinai. All the anglers are comparatively well-equipped with tent, gas-burners, rods, hot drinks and cooking  utensils. Fishing, cooking and eating with drink. Nowadays, camping and day camping are "in" in Hokkaido and other islands of Japan. Why not in winter. Ice fishing may be the good occasion to talk with kids. I do not recommend to drink beer on the ice. Frequent commutes to the restroom may make the precious occasion with kids collapsed.


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