Sapporo Snow Festival Finale 3!

by Kazu

The ice chutes were closed in the night. They seemed to have been damaged by many kids in daytime.
Even the statue of Wat Benchamabophit, The Marble Temple of Thailand will be broken on February 12(Tue.).
The Sapporo Ramen stand seemed to have worked so hard because the temperature of outside was very low and the chilly winds made the visitors shivered. People were eager to warm up themselves.
All the staff members of this site looked tired but shouted and invited the visitors again and again with their last wing in this festival.
The Yakitori Restaurant Fukuyoshi headquartered in Bibai City had been swamped by visitors for a week since February 5(Tue.). It rotated the the staff collected from all the branch restaurants in Sapporo City but even so, their workloads were so tough that some staff in the flagship restaurant had to help with.  
The food stands from distanced area of Hokkaido could not do such management and had to deal with the customers without the auxiliaries.
Some of the stands ran out of the materials necessary to provide the customers with their special dishes and started to fold their stands before the grand finale of the festival.
The ice statue of the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall of Taiwan turned more sophisticated blue at night. It may be the most beautiful statue in this festival.  
Yosakoi Soran Dancing could be seen in front of the statue of Houhei-kan on the last day. Do you know the high-functional underwear "Heat-tech" made by UNICLO inc. of Japan ?
It warms up our bodies with its high-tech function hidden in the fiber.
The statue of "Ise Shrine, Trip to the Myths" might be the most artistic among all the statues and sculptures in this festival. I will visit again the original shrine in Mie Prefecture with my wife soon.
Can you come with us despite it is based on the Japanese religion,  Fatinnadiah?
Aerial ski- and snowboard-jump were another big draw in this festival. Millions of people dropped by this area and were waiting for the shutter chance.
Can you recognize the performer in the air?
i am very sorry for my poor skill to take photos.
Reportedly, 2.36 million people visited the festival in a week.
Thank you very much for visiting our area and enjoying the stay. Did you savor enough food?
If not, please come again!

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