Sapporo Snow Festival 2013 finale!

by Kazu

Hokkaido Winter Food Park in Sapporo Snow Festival 2013 is heated up with the visitors from all over the world!

It is 6 chome area of Odori site. The food stands are from here and there in Hokkaido Island.
Hot wine and German Almond with cinnamon flavor are sold at the official shop of the festival. The temperature outside was minus 9 degrees in Celsius in Sapporo City this morning, so the sales of these kinds of drinks may outstrip that of beer and cold drinks.
Fried whole potatoes are sold at the food stand of Yuni Resort run by Tobu Hotel Group.
The grilled Zuwai crab meat with its own natural sauce inside is 900 Japanese yen and so tasty for the food sold at food stand. It was introduced by the TV program on Saturday morning and my wife and I went directly to the stand run by Monbetsu Fishermen's Association.
This steamed oysters are from Akkeshi Town in the eastern part of Hokkaido Island. The milk from the meat is so tasty and works as the power drink. Now that the Noro virus is annoying the people in Hokkaido now, heated ones should be recommended in such festival albeit I prefer the raw oysters to the grilled or steamed ones.
The snow is on the table to eat the culinary delight, so even the hot cuisine loses the heat so quickly but the beer can keep its coldness and gets even colder.
Besides, these are the skewered grilled chicken intestine, pork and chicken thighs by Fukuyoshi Yakitori Restaurant headquartered in Bibai City.
Tokachi sub-prefectural area, the empire of agricultural food as well as Sorachi sub-prefectural area, set the food stand featuring grilled pork rice bowl and other dishes and soup  made of supreme pork.  
On February 10(Sat.), this area was filled with the people from all over the world. Of course, the citizens of Sapporo City account for the most of the visitors, I think. As the promoting company of this festival also runs our Sorachi Campaign on the underground promenade in front of Sapporo JR station, we could get the best location to run our campaign including "Sorachi General Election".
So many attractions are planned on Odori site in this festival that the MC had a tough time to attract the attention of the visitors, I think.
This is the stand of Yakitori Restaurant Fukuyoshi in front of which many people are queuing. The stands that were in red last year may not come to this festival this year but each of the stands seemed to be in black with many customers because the most kinds of culinary delicacies can be savored in this area in this festival.
"Winterlude" in Ottawa, Ont, Canada was also my favorite festival held in winter but with regard to the size of festivals, Sapporo Snow Festival may be the biggest on the world.  
From near my hometown Kitami City, some seafood restaurants and fisherman's associations use the wide space based on their performance last year. It seems that the name of "Okhotsk" tends to allure many people even in this festival.
The last but not the least, Matsuo Jingisukan Company headquartered in Takikawa City of Sorachi set its stand at the south east corner of the square. The stand has to provide a hectic amount of lamb and veggies, so its traditional pot with the hill at the center is not used but the flat steel board is used to saute the meat.
I hope I could report the grand finale of the festival .

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