Sapporo Snow Festival Finale 2

by Kazu

On the last day of Sapporo Snow Festival 2013, Odori site was swamped by the multinational crowd and almost all the food was eaten up in the "Hokkaido Winter Food Park".
many visitors from overseas left Sapporo City in the morning of February 12(Tue.).
The projection mapping on the wall of the snow statue of Houheikan was canceled but the light and sound shows of other statues attract the moderate number of people to each venue in Odori site.

This statue is shaped as "Kabuki-za", the theater for Kabuki performance in Tokyo and the image tune of this area is, needless to say, Kabuki sound like "Iyooooo! Kapponponpon !" what I say Japanese Japanese foreign people expect.  This is not the scene of projection mapping but the performance of lighting was so beautiful and tricky that many tourists from overseas stopped in front of the statue and took photos.

Sorry for failing to post the movie photo on this site. I was planning to use such an attractive visual tool but so far it is not allowed by Hokkaido Government.
Some group of Sapporo City citizens or visitors made up many small snow sculptures and it may be better to see them in the night because the precise shape of them can be recognized clearer with the background of darkness and the spotlights.  

Funny characters in some animations materialized with snow and ice in the venue of this festival.
I could not believe the patience and the efforts to make this sculpture like the miniature of the Japanese castle. It is not so huge  but the size must have made it more difficult to carve and take off the snow than the huge one.
This is the most popular statue for kids. "Chibi-Maruko-chan" is the name of the animation. Can you believe that the Self-defense Force of Japan in Sapporo City made it?
I am not sure if the army of a foreign country would like to fight against the Self-defense Force of Japan or not, but if the pride is much higher than the ability of the army, it is so risky to fire the gun;)
Love and Peace !

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