Hokkaido Heritage in Wakkanai City!

 by Kazu

"Hokkaido Heritage" is the tangible and intangible treasure to be handed down to the next generation in Hokkaido and designated by Hokkaido Government.
This is not the occidental remains of ancient times but has the taste of that.
It is the seawall dome in Port Wakkanai, the northern end of Hokkaido Island. It was designated as one of the Hokkaido Heritage in 2001.
 The similar seawall is near there.
The design of this area looks a little bit different from the works of traditional Japanese public work and some commercial films have been taken there.
It works as the shelter when the waves and winds annoy the fishermen loading instruments and materials to their ships. For me, it is the very comfortable jogging course when I visit Wakkanai City even if it rains.
Now that the drift ice may cover the surface of the sea and I can not leave Sorachi sub-prefectural area in winter, I can not visit Wakkanai before spring comes but the drive to the northern end of Hokkaido is very nice to place that reminds me of L'Anse aux Meadows national Historic Site in Newfoundland, Canada.
Japanese bistro "Take-chan" is one of my favorites in Wakkanai City.