Ice candle Festival in Shimokawa Town !

 by Gen, Kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

As Kazu has not come back from overseas, I introduce the ice candles in Shimokawa town.
It is so easy to make the candle covers made of ice. Just pour the water to the specific vessels and put it outside of the houses. It costs only a few hours.     
But the arrangement and the layout of the ice candles require so long time. It's necessary to do that as effectively and efficiently as possible in the world of minus 20 degrees in Celsius.
It may be too tough to see the beautiful scenery without friends or a partner.
It's very calm and cold but the flames on top of the candles are dancing in the chilly wind.
I am not sure how long even the loving couples could gaze at the candles in this cold air but the countermeasure against the coldness is perfect, it is worthwhile.
I wish I could convey the cold air to the opposite side of this globe or could keep it through the coming summer for air conditioning.  So far, just the memory of its beauty can remain in our mind.


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