Seiyo-ken Again in Iwamizawa City !

by Kazu

I am not sure whether all the staff of the BBQ restaurant Seiyo-ken in Iwamizawa City are Korean-Japanese or not but it seemed that all the staff and the customers were Korean Japanese at the night.  
I did not know that Korean cold noodle Nyanmyun made from potato starch were familiarized by a Korean Japanese who had lived in Bibai City of Sorachi sub-prefectural area.
The Korean Japanese went to Morioka City in Iwate Prefecture and Morioka Nyanmyun became famous and popular.  It was described on the menu of the restaurant.
The Korean hot spicy chili soup was too hot and spicy for my wife, so after sipping a spoon of the soup, she push the bowl to me and asked to deal with it.
It was so nice and delicious for me and the next thing I know, I ate up the bowl of hot and spicy soup.
As a result, we ordered Nyanmyun not so spicy. Recommended by the staff of the restaurant that as the noodle contains 20 % of buckwheat, we should eat it as soon as possible, almost all the noodle she ate up.
I felt that something of the Nyanmyun of this restaurant is different from other restaurants' Nyanmyun.
It was the holiday for my liver. Without drinking beer I savored enough the taste of Korean Yakiniku BBQ even in Iwamizawa City.
On top of that the service and the manner of the staff were so nice and courtesy compared to those of other restaurants in Iwamizawa City.
That is why I thought all the staff and the customers were Korean Japanese.
The quality of the meat was so high and they were well-treated.
I am very sorry for the quality of this photos that can not convey the real beauty of these meat.
Needless to say, the starter was beef tongue with sour Japanese apricot sauce. Lemon juice also made the best match with beef tongue.
The staff kindly change the grill twice to let us feel the real art of treating meat of each kind.
The tongs accompanied with each dishes to avoid to mix the flavors.
The last was pork intestine Horumon because the beef Horumon and some kinds of beef was sold out. It seemed that some kinds of meat was so popular that they were sold out at an early time in this restaurant.
The earlier you go, the more kinds of meat you can taste.
I have to try again!

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