Weekend in Sorachi Campaign!

by Kazu

It is a pity that the present to the winner of the quiz for December of 2012 and January of 2013 has not reached Fatinnadiah in Malaisia.
Does anybody know about the reliability of mail  system in her country?
If the mission was impossible, I have to quit to send the present abroad.
I pray for the arrival of the present to the winner.
 Besides, "Weekend in Sorachi" campaign will be conducted from February 5(Tue.) to 11(Mon.) along the underground promenade in front of Sapporo JR station. The precise venue is ????? around Kita 1-jo of the promenade.
The original purpose of the campaign is to raise the value of the name "Sorachi" and if possible, I would like to make the name more popular in Japan and other area on the globe.
Most of the people in other island Japan may not read the characters of "空知" as "Sorachi" but may pronounce "Karachi" like the city in Pakistan.
It is the making of a commercial film for boob tube. The young staff members of the sub-prefectural office of Hokkaido Government metamorphose into various kinds of experts in a moment and invite you to Sorachi on the film.
Pleas check the movie film at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NG3kXEjgaiA
On the right is my superior Mr. Yuji Takeda and one of my subordinates Ms. Kanno. Both of them are very popular in our organization .
I am not sure what kind of calling he is playing  but I think it is farmer of rice crop. Sorachi sub-prefectural area produces about 46% of rice crop in Hokkaido. That is why I decided the sub-title of English guidebook of our area as "Sorachi as number 1 in Hokkaido"
Speaking of the English guidebook, I was so moved that Greg offered me to check up my translation so kindly. Thank you very much, Greg ! I will treat you to the feast in Iwamizawa City or Sapporo City if you allow me to do that !

Oh, I have to introduce the gentleman on the right. His name is Mr.Kasaya in commerce, Industry, finance and labor division. I have to ask him much more work albeit he is not my subordinate.!  
He is no Chinese. He is in the costume of the buckwheat noodle expert.
His name is Mr.Murai and one of my division staff in charge of disaster prevention. I have to ask him to build the contingency plan as well as to revise disaster prevention plan.
I have not given her almost no instruction on our mandate but only one thing to suggest her was to smile gracefully in order to make her life happier. it seems that she has exerted an effort to make good smiles. I am so satisfied with their performance to make the commercial film for the glory of Sorachi sub-prefectural area!

Everybody, have a nice weekend!  

Fainnadiah, please let me know the arrival of the envelope by air mail !

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  1. just arrived ^____^ thank you so much. after this i will upload it.