What I could not eat in Taiwan !

by Kazu

  • こだわりの酸辣湯スープ

    is the catch of the Taiwanese restaurant near my condo in Sapporo City. It means  "sour spicy soup"in Mandarin Chinese and Kantonese.

 It was so nice to sip but I am nt sure how the Taiwanese people think of the taste. because they know the genuine taste of Chinese cuisine.

 Taiwanese hamburger is the No 1 dish by the technical s aspect .
 Japanese cuisine "Chawanmushi "  is now earning  the most of the money.
 Taiwanese dumpling is the name of the restaurant and what we could not enough. This fried rice was so nice !
"Taiwanese  dumpling " in the building of Sapporo JR Station.
 It has various kinds of dishes and the quality is guaranteed.

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