Well-established Companies Festival in Kuriyama !

by Kazu

Please visit and experience the annual event in Kuriyama Town.
"Shinise Matsuri" means well-established companies festival in Japanese.
One of the big draws of the festival is the free tasting of Japanese sake from the barrel. A variety of culinary delights are sold at the food stands on the premises of  "Kobayashi Syuzo"
Japanese Sake Brewery.
As shown on the right, so many citizens and visitors swamp to the brewery.
Tanida Confection is famous with its millet cake called "Kibidango" of No,1 in Japan. Millet cake is very famous in the most famous folk tale " Momotaro" which means Peach Boy born from a big peach that came from a river flow. Momotaro went to the island of ogres and beat ogres. He brought back the treasure the ogres robbed from the people.
Anyway, please try the festival and see the dance of hobgoblin this weekend in Kuriyama Town.
The schedule can be checked at http://town.kuriyama.hokkaido.jp/docs/2014040900013/
but written in Japanese.
The photos of the festival taken last year can be seen at

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