New Taipei City !

by Kazu

We came across the river and entered New Taipei City. The new city adjacent to the old capital was showing its sophisticated countenances with many sky scrapers.
All the delegation members of Hokkaido Sorachi Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association were overwhelmed by the new power and the infinite possibility. Even the city hall building seemed to be the landmark of the area.

First of all, all the delegation members were struck by the beauty and grace of the Secretary General of the city.
Ms. Yu-Ning Hsu received us so kindly and give us a briefing on the city.
Mr. Tajima, one of the heads of the delegation, explained about the process the friendship association was established and their hope to revitalize both regions by the exchange between each area.
It was a pity that we could not meet the mayor of the city but it was natural and furthermore, we really appreciate her patience and hospitality. We were so delightful that the person who received us was Ms. Hsu.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Tajima and Mr. Yamane, the other head of the delegation asked her the cooperation of the city to support the business session between the regions.
Ms. Hsu kindly handed Mr. Tajima the souvenir of the city.
We really understood the reason why the mayor of the city told her to meet us.
I love this one, mug cup of the city.
Ms. Hsu handed the souvenirs to all the delegation members with he beautiful smile.
to Mr. Yamamoto, vice chair of the friendship association,
to Mr. Nara, another vice chair of the friendship association,
and to Mr. Takebe and Mr. Tagariko.
to Mr. Yamane, the Director General for Sorachi Sub-prefectural area of Hokkkaido.
Mr. Kitajima,the Secretary General of the association and I was also handed the nice mug cup .
From the friendship association of Sorachi, the sweets made by Red Ribbon in Iwamizawa City and Kaitaku Okaki made by HORI Confections in Sunagawa City were handed to Ms. Hsu.
We hoped the people of New Taipei City would also struck by the taste of the sweets and snacks as we were by her beauty.
Japanese sake brewed by Kobayashi Brewery in Kuriyama Town that could not purchased outside of Hokkaido, was also handed to Ms. Hsu.
Kobayashi Brewery in Kuriyama Town is so keen now to deliver their art of making Japanese sake to Taiwan.
A variety of competitive products of Sorachi sub-prefectural area will be introduced and be loved by the people in Taiwan !

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