On the last day in Sorachi !

by Kazu

Normally, on the day before the colon check with optical fiber camera in the clinic of general practitioner, I can have only cups of tea and two pieces of bread without butter for breakfast and lunch.  
It seemed that the regulation was moderated this year. I could have buckwheat noodle without chopped leek and other toppings.
It was curious that what I could have last in my mandate of Sorachi sub-prefectural area was the most appropriate food before the annual colon check and at the same time it was one of the flagship crops in Sorachi s well.
Even after the deregulation of food before the medical check-up, the dinner had to be two serves of congee , rice porridge and miso soup without featuring.
I had the plain buckwheat noodle in "Shoh-an" that I introduced with a variety of rice bowl some times on this blog.
After the peak of lunch time, I was the only person having noodle with big noise, zzz- !
The chef kindly made up the quality buckwheat noodle for me with smile.
It was the time to leave Sorachi but the story of Hokkaido including Sorachi will never stop "till death do us part";)
This was the way to go back to Iwamizawa City and it led to Sapporo City where I would start my new mandate and the reason to live was and is living. Yes, my better half is waiting to be taken care of by me everyday !
Gung ho, gung ho !

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