Indigenous People in Taiwan !

by Kazu

Oh, what a pretty sign of the flight gate. Eva Airlines have got a permission to use the Japanese character Kitty.

On the right is the relief of carving made by the indigenous people in Taiwan. It is said that a variety of indigenous tribes are still keeping their style of life in some part of Taiwan. The attires of these ladies are like that of Ainu, the indigenous people in Hokkaido.

 Some academic people said that the indigenous people in Taiwan and Japan were kicked out by the chariots that came from the continent.
Is this the trap to catch the fish in the river ?
The similar items can be seen in the Museum of Ainu in Hokkaido.

These attires are the traditional formal wear of a certain tribe in Taiwan. These were displayed in a souvenir shop in the airport of Taipei. I am not sure the price of these attires but can imagine the price easily .
These wooden carving can be seen in the souvenir shop in the airport.

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