Taiwan Mitsubishi Corporation !

by Kazu

Thanks to Mr. Kitazawa, the chief secretary of Hokkaido Sorachi, we had the honor to visit Mitsubishi Corporation (Taiwan) Ltd.

The CEO of Mitsubishi Corporation in Taiwan Mr. 鍾 維永 kindly gave us briefing on the current situation of Taiwan and the company.
His message can be seen at
All the member of the delegation recognized the possibility of active exchange between Taiwan and Sorachi sub-prefectural area and the complicated relationship between the continent and Taiwan. The Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement between Taiwan and the continent has a possibility to develop the regions together but the risks on Taiwanese side to be swallowed by the gigantic economy of the continent can be
recognized by the people in Taiwan, particularly by the university students.
I will post the photos of demonstration by the students in the center part of Taipei City later !

Mr. 鍾 維永 kindly invited us to his condo in Taipei City and treated us to the feast. We could have the top of Taiwanese cuisine in his condo.
We really appreciated the hospitality extended by him and his wife and were moved by the supremacy of the culinary delicacy. Scrumptious dishes were superb ! I am so sorry for failing to take photos of the cuisine but it was private area.
 Have a nice weekend !

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