Welcome Lunch hosted by Taiwan-Japan Cultural and Economic Association, TJCEA !

by Kazu

This is the venue of the welcome lunch hosted by Taiwan-Japan Cultural and Economic Association. It is located in the government office building area that is occupied by the students.
 The lunch was Shanghai cuisine but I felt it was much nicer than what I had in Shanghai on the continent.
Sorry for the low degrees of skill to take photos.

 All the members of Taiwan-Japan Cultural and Economic Association speaks in Japanese so fluently that the interpreter we hired could enjoy the superb Shanghai cuisine so much.
We had next appointment but we had full course lunch in the limited time.
Of course, the glasses were raised for the future of both regions.
It seemed that the simplified Chinese characters were hated by the Taiwanese people. On top of that Taiwanese people know enough the pros and cons of Japanese people.

 In spite of the supremacy of the lunch, we had to wrap up the meeting for the next appointment.  We should take enough time to talk about the frequent change of both regions and the cooperation.
Thank you very much for the nice cuisine and enthusiasm to keep in touch with Japanese people !
 We have to look up and admire Taiwanese people, in particular, the people who learned Japanese and keep exerting their best efforts to maintain the good relationship with Japan.
I would like to devote myself to enhance the exchange between Hokkaido and Taiwan. Under the flag of Taiwan, the private area and governmental entities united. It had been impossible for a long time.
Kudos to the people in Taiwan !

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