East Asia Relations Commission !

by Kazu

It is a pity that this is the last post on our visit to Taiwan this time but I really hope that we will be able to report on the visit of the delegations from Hokkaido to Taiwan again and again.
Now, the most attractive place to visit for Japanese ladies is Taiwan. Needless to say, the same goes for the Japanese males because of the hard sell of "take out system" in Taiwan.

This is the welcome dinner arranged by East Asia Relations Commission of Taiwan but it's also the farewell party because it was the last night in Taipei in this visit of the delegation.

My former supervisor Ambassador Uchida who passed away years ago and his wife were the common topic in the conversation with Mr. Chen, Mr. Jhuang and me. We could share the destiny and connection between our regions, to be honest.
I was convinced that the relationship between the regions would and  have to be stable for the people on this globe and the humankind.  
It was the an amazing grace and bless of the deities of the regions.
It is the start of the prosperity.
I believe that the legend and the very best of happiness of the people in both regions now started to stepping forward !
We have to talk again and again because we are the only one couple that can share the same moral, value and love.
Thank you again for the hospitality and the framework of strategy that we Japanese are banned from learning after the war.

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