Indigenous People in Taiwan 2 !

by Kazu

This is the map of the indigenous people's reserve in Taiwan. Each tribe has its own area on the island.To be honest, I think Ami tribe is my root because my mother's nee is Ami, 阿美 in Chinese character.

Even if so, I am not sure why and how the Ami tribe reached Japan and Hokkaido after that. As my mother passed away four months after my birth, I do not have any maternal relatives I can contact now. Before I pay a visit to the reserve of Ami tribe, I have to find the grave yard my mother's bones are having rest because my maternal grand mother took my mother's urn with her after the funeral of my mom.

I am not familiar with this type of attire but if my root is this tribe, I should put them on ;) These are the formal national attire of a certain tribe in Taiwan.
This is the last photo I took in Taipei in this business jaunt. Absolutely, I will visit Taiwan again and meet my friends !

This is what I ate in GYUKAKU BBQ restaurant in Sapporo City after coming back from Taiwan. I did not get extra pounds in Taipei but with this meat, I got three pounds.

These gold flakes brought no additional flavor to the meat but anyway the quality and the taste of the meat satisfied my wife and me. We were beefed up and got the second wing.
This is the end of our four day business trip.

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