Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall 2 !

by Kazu

Before the ceremony in Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, the summary of the procedure was explained by the curator.
To be honest, the president of Hokkaido Sorachi Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association Mr. Tajima did not bring his jacket for the excursion on that day.
 Usually, all the visitors can look up the statue of Mr. Chiang Kai-shek from this angle.
But for the ceremony in that we offered the flowers to the spirit of  Mr. Chiang Kai-shek and his fellows, the red-carpet area was limited off by the honor guards and we stood on the line in front of the statue.
 Mr. Tajima was offered the use of Mr. Igarashi's jacket for the ceremony.
At the beginning of the ceremony, the curator announced the start and the purpose.
 The honor guards were beside the flowers to the statue.
A couple of honor guards with rifles were on the stage.
 One of the honor guard took off the flowers from the stand.
He handed the flowers to Mr. Tajima.
Mr. Tajima pay courtesy to the statue and the soul of Mr. Chiang Kai-shek.
Mr. Tajima handed the flowers to the other honor guard.
 The honor guard set the flowers on the stand again.
At the end of the ceremony,  the curator announced to wrap up the ritual and thank us for the offer of flowers.
All the delegation members were so impressed and satisfied with the honor of being the protagonists of the ceremony and really appreciated the hospitality of Taiwanese Government.

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