Ramen Restaurant in Ajisai

by Kazu

As I posted before, "Ajisai" means Hydrangea. It's the name of the well-established Ramen restaurant headquartered in Hakodate City.
In the building of Bic Camera in Sapporo City, it has a branch.
Above is my wife's favorite "Wantan Men" and the right is pilaf flavored and featured by boiled pork called "Charshu".
 This is my favorite and must-eat "Seabura Charshu Men"that contains enough refined fat of pork and Charshu.
The white topping is shred leek.
Flavored with salt, the ramen bowl is so nice.
I think the restaurant reduced the amount of fat to use for one ramen bowl because I  was annoyed diarrhea 6 hours after having this bowl before because of too much fat.
But this time, I did not feel any problem with my intestine even 10 hours after this lunch. I think the gluten of the wheat may be addictive for Asian people.
Carbon-hydrate and fat make the human being happy but we have to control the intake of them;)