Sapporo Premium

 by Kazu
Mt.Moiwa facilities are renewed and will open on Dec.23(Fri.). Please enjoy the scenery from top of the mountain and wonderfful buildings.
from Gondola

Renewal  Open of Mt.Moiwa  aerial cableway in Sapporo

 Souvenir shop has not been fulfilled with items but will  be. You will find very attractive souvenirs soon.
 Various kinds of creatures are living in this area.

This building is like a church. 

 Ring the bell on top of the Mt.moiwa!

 What a beautiful city!
 What would you wisper having lunch or dinner?
With your friends  or your better half ?
This may be the best place to sit on your knee.
 Food for take out. Yami,yami, yami!

 The renewed building on top of Mt.Moiwa has been added so many functions and will be the new stage for tourists as well as the citizens.
 The clouds and snow started to cover the city.
 Let's get the party started!

 The building like a church is on the side of the mountain.
 The cloud brought 1 meter snow fall on Dec.16 in Iwamizawa City 40 km northeast of Sapporo City.
 So beautyiful scenery will catch your heart . Make the most of this treasure for us all!

Let it snow, let it snow ! But Sapporo city is the only one to have heavy snow among the cities that has over 1 million population on the world.

Where is this?  It is like in Canada.
Blizzard has gone?
The kitchen booth .
The restaurant is so nice and has buena vista! It will be the new dating spot in Sapporo City.
See you again!


  1. Mt Moiwa has a great view and is convenient for skiers. However snowboarding is prohibited. Doh!

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