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Pork steak dish Japanese flavor
  By William
Near the Canadian World, an attractive park run by Ashibetsu City, the Starlight Hotel is providing wonderful cuisine and place of comfort with high quality hot spring bath "onsen" in Japanese.

The level of cuisine is so high according to the questionnaires conducted by travel agency and my tongue.

The hotel is located in the forest and 15 minutes away from Ashibetsu city, Sorachi sub-prefectural area.

"Gatatan" dish
 "Gatatan" dishes are popular and so healty. "Gatatan" means that it contains a various kinds of ingredients. The name is derived from China.Some Japanese Manturian brought this recipe from China. The creamy soup with starch is very hot and  usually served on the noodle soup or fried rice.
  In Ashibetsu City is one of the coalmine area in Hokkaido as well as Yubari City, Akabira City, Mikasa City, Utashinai City and Kamisunagawa Town in Sorachi subprefectural area. "Gatatan" dishes are loved by mainly coalmine worker and engineer.
Coalmine industry nosedived in 1970's, but hectic amout of coal is still under the ground that my be gasified and made for power generating system in the near future.
Please give the support to revitalize the former coalmine area in Sorachi sub-prefectural area. The state-of-the-art technology is breathing in the area even now. I hope incremental changes will occur and the area will be the center of environmentally-friendly energy and flourish.
God, bless the area!