Farm Restaurant RIVISTA in Sunagawa

By Kazu                                          
     It's very fine and lovely day. At the end of the year 2011, I remember I found very nice Italian restaurant in Sunagawa, Sorachi sub-prefectural area. It is located on the hillside of Sunagawa City and east side of Hokkaido Central Expressway. It is run by a stock farm opposite of this premises.    

  Surrounded by the natural environment, the loghouse was built up by the owner of this restaurant and the stock farm. So many guests including tourists from all over Japan enjoy the cuisine and their short stay in this restaurant, sometimes watching birds, foxes and deers from this "hideout" in a literal sense.

Everybody's favorites are Pasta and pizza topped with mozzarella made of fresh milk from the stock farm。

The restaurant is available for lunch meeting or wedding party etc.
Watchig wonderful scenery from the window of this restaurant, would you spent your precious time with your lover, friends or family ? The restaurant is on the hill. The meals are superb.

   Shall we have dinner when you visit Hokkaido, Kathleen, Alan, Kurt, Tanya and Arvo ?   

Should I invite you all, Spalatin, Kunmi, Hamad ?    I would like to meet you all again under the sunshine of Africa and Arabian Peninsula. I am in the snow  now in Hokkaido Island, Japan.  The very best of the happiness for you all !  We have to get together  again.As a member of SSSS;)    I will take you to this restaurant and hot spring bath newly opened in this area, Norm.                                                     
 Next year or at your earliest convenience.