One coin lunch in Yubari.

Yubari Station building that contains tiny cafe in it.

 by Kazu
Have you ever heard of the name "Yubari City"?
It had flourished for years with coalmine industry and Japanese rapid economic development. But, as you may know, coalmine industry nosedived in 1980' because cheap coal from other countries got available even in Japan. 
Coalmine companies flied away from those area leaving many coalmine facility.
To revitalize this area, a certain mayor took the direction to tourism and inviting many tourists. 
The municipality swallowed a hectic amount of subsidies from central government getting their debt increased.As a result, the municipality bankrupted and is now struggling to get out of the bad situation under the young leader elected in last June. 
At the station of Japan Railway System in Yubari, pretty a cafe is giving delicious lunch at reasonable and competitive price, 500 Japanese yen( aapr.6 dollar). You can have pizza, spaghetti, Japanese pizza OKONOMIYAKI, salad and other form of carbohydrate in veyr cozy atomosphere watching the movie film of once-flourished Yubari City.
This is fried doughnuts made by Usagi-ya (Usagi means rabbit in Japanese.) in Yubari City.It is easily broken like a pie-crust that Mary Poppinscalls.  Please try it !