Events in January, 2012


by Kazu

January 1 (Sun.) : Kagaribi-Mai (Bonfire Dance) at     KAKUTA Shirine in Kuriyama Town, Sorachi sub-prefectural area.
   It expresses 2 oriental lions(獅子) and their master hobgoblin called "Shoujou(猩猩)" drinking and managing them. They will show their dance in the premises of the shrine covered with snow, praying for the bumper crops and fending off evils with the sound of the ringing bell that is believed to prevent worldly desires to preoccupy our mind.

January 13(Fri.)-15(Sun.): Giant Slalom ski in Mt.Kamoi ski run, Utashinai Town.

January 14(Sat.) at 11:00-17:00: Sunagawa City winter festival.

January 15(Sun.): Snowball fight chanpion's cup in Yuni Garden,
 Yuni Town.
January 28(Sat.) -29(Sun.): Sapporo Open Snowball fight
 in Yuni Garden, Yuni Town.

January29(Sun.) at 10:00 - 14:00 : Zippy Winter festival in Nanporo Town.
                        : Shintotsukawa Snow Festival in Sintotsukawa Town.