Heavy Snow in Iwamizawa but???

 by Kazu
This is my favorite photo that I took in Iwamizawa City in Sorachi sub-prefectural area. The citizens in Iwamizawa City and adjacent area are annoyed by heavy snow everyday in winter but can appreciate such scenery of birch woods and rice field in summer. This is the typical scenery of our mind that can ease the pain of our lives in Japan.
Frogs and insects were singing and winds were touching our hair, body and mind softly.
We also have a nice winery and vineyard in Iwamizawa. HOSUI winery in the outskirts of the city
provides delicious icecream and tastful wine in summer and autumn.  Many tourists visit the winery and enjoy the buena vista of vineyard in the season of the sun.
 We have to remember that this heavy snow in winter will bring the fertile soil and land that can nurture the crops and fruit.

Blue Berry and Straw Berry Icecream 

Ice cream vendor in the premises of HOSUI winery

Shall we enjoy the snow much more in this season?  Tomorrow, I will introduce interesting events to be held in Sorachi sub-prefectural area in coming January. See you!