by Kazu

In Takikawa City, the flagship restaurant of Matsuo Jingisukan Group  flourished and is filled with the citizen and tourist. The group has so many Jingiskan restaurants and beer halls in Hokkaido and other area of Japan. The smell and taste is so nice and match with the taste of beer. 
 Jingiskan pot is very popular in Hokkaido and getting popular in Tokyo metropolitan area because the price is so reasonable and the lamb is so healthy and good for keeping beauty of females.
  Onions and sprouts are popular as the byplayer in the Jingisukan pot.
  Almost everybody in Hokkaido loves this treat.
  The shape of the pot is so reasonable and attractive.

 The center part of the pot is higher than other part. The sauce of the meat boiles and penetrate the vegetables.
I can't describe any more at this moment.
Let's go to the Jingisukan restaurant near your house right now!