Lunch in Bibai Arte Piazza

by Ran
Arte Piazza is located in the east hillside of Bibai City, Hokkaido.
There are many sculptures produced by Kan Yasuda, worldwide famous artist born in Bibai City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido,
 The entrance of cafe in Arte Piazza Bibai is like a birdwalk of the building designed by a famous architect 

Everybody can find the cosy space in the cafe, seeing poping fire in the
To grease the proverbial wheels and to enjoy yourself with your better half and kids, it would be a good place to visit.
From the window, wonderful scenery will make you forget the time passing.With enough space and delicious but not heavy lunch, you will have happy time. 

Cheezecake and Choco Chiffon cake are so nice.

Outside is also fantastic even in winter but in summer it's the big blast.

Come and see us in Bibai!

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