Written by Kazu.
From Numata town,
Tomorrow night, a critical session to discuss on the direction of Numata Town will be held at HOROSHIN Hot Spring Spa Hotel in Numata Town, Sorachi Sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido.]
Do you know this town?

In summer, your kids will be crazy to catch various kinds of insects such us light-emitting insects, beetles, butterflies etc in the  camping area of this town. Superb hot spring bath in HOROSHIN will ease your pain
of your body as well  your heart.  You can easily imagin, Norm?

Top brass of this town will get together at HOROSHIN hot Spring Hotel on Dec.5, 2011 and talk about very important things. Even in winter, you can find the charm of this area.

In summer, you will experience wonderful lantern festival in this town. Absolutely, the scenery will catch your heart and convinceyou that you will visit this town again.

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