Paddy Field Art in Higashitakasu of Asahikawa !

by Tacky

Do you know the "Paddy Field Art"?
It is a kind of drawings made of rice crops of a variety of colors on the paddy fields.
It's said that "Paddy Field Art" is also watched by the people in foreign countries as well recently.

This rice planting work to make "Paddy Field Art" was carried out in Higashitakasu area of Asahikawa City  on June 10 and 11 this year.
The lady chosen as "Miss Hokkaido Rice" participated in this year's work, too.
This paddy field used as a canvas of the art has 40 meters of length and 120 meters of side in size.
The motif of the art was "Parents and babies of lion, giraffe and elephant" in Asahiyama-Zoo this year.
So many people plant a bunch of rice crops of about 20 cm of length in a huge paddy field according to the design.
Among these I took charge of the partial rice planting affected by "child lion".

This year's "Paddy Field Art" is made of seven kinds of rice crops with different colors.
After they grew up, each kind of rice crops show its own color such as red, purple, yellow and green but you can not recognize the color of each kind at the stage of seedling.
But, the color of the leaves turn vivider in the paddy fields and the difference of the color of leaves   make up the huge drawings in the middle of July.

It's possible to look at a picture of "Paddy Field Art" from the turret made near the field.

Please visit to Higashitakasu area of Asahikawa City !

Detailed location and photos of the art taken until last year can be seen at

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