Choreography in Sapporo Dome !

by Tacky.

Sapporo Dome is the multipurpose dome facilities in Sapporo City, Hokkaido.
This is the only indoor natural lawn soccer stadium in Japan.
This stadium is also used as a professional baseball and all kinds' concert meeting place in addition to soccer.
The professional soccer team as Consadole Sapporo based in this stadium, did an opening game here at Sapporo Dome on March 13 of this year.
Lot of snow was here and there in Sapporo City in March.
The soccer field of lawn is usually installed in outdoor at this facility.
But there is no snow on the lawn moved in the dome for the game.
Well, the supporters of Consadole removed the snow from a natural lawn before the game every year.

Please see the pictures. The soccer field has moved from outdoor, I'd find out that the field was floating a little bit to move from outside of the dome.
Consadole Sapporo was founded in 1996 and it is  the 20th anniversary year of this foundation.

The supporters made the choreography in which they expressed their delights of having this opening game on that day.

Many supporters put up a red and a black sheet. They are the team color of the team.  The Hokkaido map at the center was formed with white balloons.
It seems bright because the supporters were lighting up the balloon with the lights of their cellular phones from behind.
The big red balloon on the Hokkaido map indicates the location of Sapporo City, Asahikawa City, Hakodate City and Kushiro City respectively.
I participated with a red sheet on the day, too.

It is so wonderful Choreography. Please see the movie film posted on Youtube at 
The character as 1996-2016 also rises 3 minutes 30 seconds after the start.

So far, Consadole Sapporo is in the good position at  the top of  the J2 league in Japan.
Please see this site about Sapporo Dome.



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