Moss phlox park in OZORA Higashimokoto !

by Tacky

I went to a moss pink park in OZORA town in May of this year.
Moss phlox of a variety colors, called "Shiba-zakura" in Japanese, is planted in this park. "Shiba" means lawn and "zakura" is "sakura" that means cherry in Japanese.

Please see a picture !
You can find out that the whole hillside of the mountain is covered with the color of pink beautifully.
This is because a lot of moss phlox is blooming the flowerss.
While I was climbing the hillside of the mountain path in a pink lawn, I felt as if I was in a fabulous illusion.
The Moss Phlox festival was held on that day, and a lot of tourists visited.

It's said that they're transplanting the moss pink raised in another place land around here to show a lawn beautifully at this park.

Please see this site about a moss phlox park.

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