See you again !

by Kazu

It was so pity that we could not have enough time to soak our body in the quality hot-spring water that could heal our body and mind so much.
This is the entrance of the bathroom of the new facility, renewal-opened "Yuki Chichibu". It has not so huge but cozy hot spring bath tubs in which strong hot spring water with the smell of sulfur. It might be tough for the people from outside of Japan to bear the hot temperature of the hot spring water in this facility but believe me, it effects so much.

Needless to say, the bathes for males and females were separated and the angle is from the outside bath to the inside. It seemed that the outside ones shrank to the half size, compared to the ones before the renovation.
The reception of the facility seemed to be squeaky clean. Considering the former building of this hot spring spa, it can be said that sea-change occurred.
Our guests allowed us to take photos without making-up because it was after bathing. "Youth itself is the power", I thought.
Thank you so much for visiting us from Korea and come again !

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