Lunch with them and・・・ !

by Kazu

After having the very best of Sapporo Ramen that they had been eager to savor in Sapporo City, I took my pretty guests from Korea to Lake Shikotsu.
White fog on the lake could be seen from the opposite side of the lake. It was the first time even for me to see such white decoration on the lake. Besides, Shikotsu means "Barren" in the language of the indigenous people of Hokkaido, Ainu. Almost no fish had not been in this lake but a brave man tried to release a certain kind of fish in this lake and the fish increased so much in this lake.
This was the next point for them to drop by on that day. Precisely speaking, this place was the second place for me to take them to in the schedule for the day in my mind. Going around the Lake Shikotsu and dropping by near the camping site of Lake Toya, we headed to Niseko Area that had so many hot spring spa.

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