Bye Bye Autumnal Foliage !

by Kazu

How did you enjoy the beautiful autumnal foliage this fall ? My impression was red color was not enough this fall albeit yellow Ginkgo leaves were glaring brightly every year.
 Even in the evening, it was as if the yellow leaves compiled the sunlight in daytime.
Usually, this red leaves had been much stronger than this year, I think. I did not has enough time to savor the beautiful autumnal foliage this year. It is a pity that without being impressed amply by the colors and the beauties of the foliage this fall, we have to get over the white cold winter.  
 A variety kinds of trees are growing on the premises of Hokkaido University.Cherry, larch, birch, spruce, Japanese apricot, Japanese magnolia and so on.
It is getting colder and foodies are going to the place of epicurean delights. Appetite is growing and my weight might have increased a little bit. Please stand on the gauge before the complete white sweeps the world.

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