What makes us happy !

bY Kazu

Do you have your favorite Japanese sake ?
Above is "Wakashou" made by the brewery "Chitosetsuru" based in Sapporo City. It tastes so nice and leads you to the world of happiness. "Maruta" on the left also hypnotize on you so nicely.
"Onigoroshi" means "ogre-killer" in Japanese but the name shows the tastefulness of this sake that attracts and hypnotize on the drinkers even if they were ogres.
"Kita-no-Homare" brewed by Otokoyama Brewery headquartered in Asahikawa City may be one of the most popular and famous label in Japan. Other than major breweries, there are so many micro breweries in Hokkaido. I love "Arabashiri" brewed in Kobayashi Shuzou Brewery based in Kuriyama Town. How about you ?

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