Goshiki Onsen, the Hot spring spa on the hillside !

by Kazu

Have you got the name of the BBQ restaurant near the condo of my friend ?
Again, you might be treated to the same kinds of feast in Sapporo City if you could get the name of the restaurant and shoot me an email.
 Can you remember the hot spring bath on the hillside of a certain mountain ? The smell is that of sulfur. Yes, this is the hot spring bath in the annex building of Goshiki Onsen hot spring spa.
This is the original building of Goshiki Onsen, hot spring spa. Some groups were throwing party-like dinner in the annex building in the DIY kitchen. We could not catch up with the drunken people of high tension. Just soaking our body in the hot spring bath refreshed and empowered us so much.  

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