From the port of Iwanai Town to Setana & Shimamaki !

by Kazu

We went down to Setana Town in Hiyama Sub-prefectural Area where I worked from 1990 to 1993. Can you see the three rocks like the Three Sisters in Blue Mountains, Australia ? They are called "San-bon-sugi-iwa" that means three-cider-trees rocks in Japanese.
On our way from Setana Town to the north, we dropped by the look out to see "the Window Rock" in Kamoenai Town.
This is the sign on the lookout near the small port beside the coast-side road on the west coast of Hokkaido Island. What the sign shows can be seen beside the sign.
We went through this tunnel on our way from Setana to the north.The west coast of our island shows a variety of countenances made up by the attacks of waves and winds from the west.