What we have in Hokkaido !

 by Kazu

 As you may know, the former government office building of Hokkaido Government was made of red bricks and called "Akarenga " that means "Red Brick" in Japanese.

 In front of the building, a flower garden is set every year to make up one the best photo spot in Sapporo City.

Living in Sapporo City, we can savor the very best of quality seafood. Not only raw fresh sushi-grade seafood but also the ones added values and twist of taste.
 Dried Japanese smelt, dried and salted cod, trout and herrings soaked in the paste of rice embryo called "nuka", we can savor as we want.
Pacific saury, king crab, haired crab, shrimp, salted squid, salmon roe called ikura, herrings roe called kazunoko and other high-quality seafood can be savored as you like. We brought some of them to Honolulu, Hawaii for promotion of Hokkaido's quality products.
The mackerel is superb but we could not bring it at that time.

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