Hakodate Bay area !

by Kazu

I think living in Hakodate City is so nice and exciting , particularly around bay area. Now that the actual center part of the city is around the old citadel "Goryoukaku", the bay area does not seem to be so flourished.  
But that keeps the appropriate balance of the oldies and the development of the city and provide me with so comfortable course for jogging.
From the peak of Mt. Hakodate, so nice geographic overview can be obtained as well as the night scenery that is counted as one of the best three night scenery in Japan.

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  1. What's not to love about Hakodate? It has pretty much the best of everything Hokkaidō offers: fantastic food, breath-taking scenery (day or night, in any season), fascinating history with matching tourist attractions, convenient public transportation, and some of the warmest, most welcoming people in Japan. As a language fan, I'm particularly taken by the "zu-zu-ben", the local version of Japanese.

    At a time when Japan was distinctly unaccepting of foreigners, Hakodate was one of only 3 places where non-Japanese were allowed. The result of this early re-introduction to outside influences has left its mark on the city both socially and physically. Some of the most interesting sites here are reminders of this proud heritage, and I recommend a leisurely visit to everything shown in any tourist guidebook or magazine. But be careful! Just as many Americans have left their hearts in San Francisco, the charm and vitality of Hakodate may well capture your heart, too!