Feast in Tsubetsu 2 !

by Kazu

At last, the Ezo Stoat hid its face over the shoulder. I am so sorry for failing to explain on "Ezo" that is the old name of Hokkaido.
"Fire pot" flavored miso-based paste is on the left.
 I am so sorry for forgetting to take photo before eating up the main dish. Fried fish was also so nice with the special sauce. The chef did not give me the recipe.
 The pork boiled and flavored with broth was so soft like melting silk  Stewed cubes of pork is one of my favoriteto have with pints of beer. The sauce was so sophisticated that I felt as if I had been in single-starred restaurant. The creme brulee was also superb. So sorry for lack of vocabulary.

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