Feast in Hakodate-yama Izakaya !

by Kazu

Have you eve ordered "Buta-kushi" ? It is skewered sliced pork belly grilled with leek. It is one of our favorites on this globe as well as block pork belly boiled with broth, soy sauce and special spices.  
Pali-san ! There are a variety of recipes even in Hokkaido and this is different from the one we had in "Shinshu-an",buckwheat noodle soup restaurant chain in Hokkaido.
The sliced leek offsets the smell of the boiled intestine. To be honest, I prefer the one, "Motsuni" cooked by my father and mother in law. At this moment, no recipe was handed to my wife but I was convinced that my parents in law used ketchup to make their own one.

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